Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bunting Project

I have two small consignment corners in two different shops in a nearby town.  Yes- CORNERS! One is a simple 4 shelf bookcase in a new shop that opened about 3 months ago on main street and the other is an 8 x 8- give or take a foot-  corner in an established marketplace with more restrictions than one can imagine.

I am always trying to find unique, yet simple items for each space. Presentation is key in both establishments. I have to "draw" in the customers you know. My ultimate goal is to make rent each month and hopefully come out with a little extra to make and buy more items for the booths for the next month.

I usually make or buy things that I would like to have for myself in case they don't happen to sell in either space.  I just hope that means I have good taste.  So I thought I would try my hand at some bunting.

Bunting is all the rage now.  It's everywhere- hanging at the top of your blog pages, draped across a mantle for Valentine's Day, and even on a cute birthday card.  Here's a tutorial on a simple bunting I made to put on a bulletin board in one of my shops.

You will need:
  • cute scrapbook paper
  • bias tape
  • sewing machine with thread of choice
  • laminating machine (optional)

I used my Cricut and cut out about 10 pennants using the Locker Talk cartridge.

After cutting out the pennants, I used my paper cutter to cut off the wings at the end of each pennant.  This made it easier to tuck in the bias tape to sew.
Next, I laminated the pieces for durability and cut them out.
Then, I stitched a seam down the back.  I flipped the bunting over and sewed another zigzag line.

The finished product.
I added it to this bulletin board and placed it in my shop.  This board lasted only a few days in the shop.

Thanks for stopping by~

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