Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pottery Barn Style Hutch Makeover

I'm loving the booth I share with my gal pal Melodie. (check out her blog-HERE)

We're a decade apart in age, but it's amazing the talents that each of us bring to the booth.

What has started out as a simple booth filled with handpicked treasures from garage sales, consignment shops, goodwill stores, and local online yard sales is turning into refinishing furniture and vintage finds along with items we create from items we find.  

We're loving it, but can be very exhausting at times.

I am a second grade teacher (beginning year 20- WOW!), and Mel has recently returned to school as a student in the Dental Hygiene field.
I have 3 teens and she has 2 tots.  

We always have projects going. (Our hubbies are always on our backs about our projects and taking up space in the garage or storage buildings.

But we love our time together making our corner of KnB's Marketplace a great place to visit and shop. Our ULTIMATE goal is to one day have our own brick and mortar shop.

Here's one of my latest projects~

I spotted this piece at a recent yard sale.

I should have jumped on it immediately, however my truck was loaded down from discovered treasures of the morning, leaving me no space for anything else. 
I'm also working on not being so impulsive. 
So, I got the owners email and number and decided to make her an offer later in the day if the piece didn't sell.

Well it didn't sell by the end of the yard sale~
So it was totally meant to be!

I brought the two piece set home a few days later.

I mixed my own custom charcoal gray chalk paint. {see post here}
Then painted and distressed it giving the piece a Pottery Barn look.

It's proudly on display in our booth.

A before and after....

Thanks for stopping by~

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