Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Tag Swap

Last month I told you about a tag swap I was participating in at le Petit' Crop Shoppe. 
This is what I received in the mail last week from the gals.
Click (here) to get another glimpse of the tags.  
My tag is in her first photo. (Insert happy face.)
A wide range of talent from these girls.
I'm feeling like such a total underachiever when paired with this creative bunch. 
I did, however, have a great time creating my tag.
Lindamae is hosting another tag swap.
Want to join her? Click here!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

One Down, Two To Go: Graduation 2013

Our oldest son graduated from high school yesterday in a hour long ceremony at the Raleigh Convention Center in the Capital City.  He was 1 of 523 students at his high school to receive this prestigious  honor- a high school diploma.  A lot more students than the 92 I graduated with more than 22 years ago.

My hubby invited family over for a pre-graduation party.  Unfortunately, the timing was horrible because we are installing hardwood floors downstairs. My kitchen looked like this...
and the stove was sitting here...
in the middle of the dining room.  So that meant no cooking for me.  So I quickly put a plan into action because hubby didn't want to call off the "party." We decided to have the party in the graduates bedroom.  He has the bonus room upstairs so it was plenty big. This is what we came up with...
We put up a few decorations outside and enjoyed a pre-graduation party, even with all the banging and slamming downstairs from the installers.
 I made a few party favors for our guests.  Ironically, his high school colors are the same as East Carolina- his college choice for the fall.
The party turned out better than I expected, and so glad that everyone enjoyed their time together for this momentous occasion. 
Enjoy the photos~
The grad with grandparents.
Me and hubby with Michael
Three generations of Johnson boys
Michael with one of his best buds
Michael with Great Grannie
Michael, Sister Jess, and Aunt Sue
Congratulations Michael!
Now that's one grad down, two more to go!
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

An Easy Owl Burlap Door Hanger

A lot of decor I see these days has a commonality- BURLAP!
I love burlap~
The smell (yea, I know I'm in the minority with this one.  I worked in the fields as an adolescent, so I had the opportunity to bond with tobacco burlap bags more than most people my age.), the texture, the naturalness, and it's flexibility of uses. It can do most anything.

We have three AwEsOmE ladies on my second grade team who have chosen different paths next year. (Insert sniff, tear, sniff, tear)
Two of them big puffy heart OWLS, so I thought I would make an "until next time" gift from this fun material.

I saw these cuties on etsy.

I'm not going to reinvent the wheel of tutorials with this project because there are so many tutorials out there in blogland, they will make your head swim. So I've found a few simple ones to use as models. Head over to The Francis Family and Junque 2 Jewels. They each have great tutorials.   I modified each of these a bit to make them work for me.

The final results~

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