Saturday, March 17, 2012

Upcycled / Recycled Postcards

Being  a crafter when time permits, I love to use recycled materials when possible to create "new" and practical things.    A while ago, I came across this post-cereal box postcard- at Infarrantly Creative and a light bulb came on. I was totally inspired.

"Hey," I thought.  This would be great to send to some of my pals back home.  I usually send postcards when on vacation, but these I could use anytime and for my students and parents at school as well.  These postcards also have a creative twist.

So I started saving boxes from the recycled can as well as Girl Scout Cookie boxes and cut them down to size (4 x 6) . I did put the scraps in the recycling bin.  I'm all for saving the planet.  The tutorial from Infarrantly Creative is awesome.  However, lucky me already had a postcard stamp that I bought forever ago at Hobby Lobby which saved me from drawing message lines.

Enjoy the photos~

1 comment:

  1. Ok I am totally jealous of that stamp. That is perfect! Now you can turn anything into a postcard. I wonder if HL still has it!


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