Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Outlet and a Simile Freebie

A few weeks ago I opened my own brick and mortar "Field of Poppies."
Well, sort of!
If you remember {this} post, I was debating whether or not to rent a space at one of my favorite shops.
About a few weeks ago all the stars lined up in my favor. An affordable booth became available.  The booth comes with a few restrictions like having to have a 3 foot passageway from the storage door per the fire marshall.  Due to my booth being in the corner, it is not a perfect square like the others either.  It has a slanted corner. No biggie.  I'm a teacher. I deal with "thinking outside the box" each day with my students as well as tracking in and out of my classroom opens the door for new furniture arrangements.  So I was up for the challenge. Let the creative juices flow.  In a shop of this sort, presentation is key.  My booth is a work in progress, but I want to share with you my little piece of earth. (I borrowed this phrase from Mary in The Secret Garden.)I'm happy with my decision.  It's my outlet.  This little space allows me to be who I want to be, just like this little blog.
On another note...
I have been working with my students on including comparisons in their writing. 
We read this book.
Quick As a Cricket (Child's Play Library)
I created this activity as a follow up to the book.
  Download it {FREE} from my TPT shop.
What is your outlet?  I'd love to hear about it~


  1. OMG! Your corner of heaven looks amazing!! You need to come help decorate my house! :)

    Hello Mrs Sykes

    1. Thanks Jenn~ You should see my house. It looks like I just moved in. The small space helps. A big house overwhelms me- lol~

  2. I love it Cassina, I'm so glad that you have this to have fun with! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
    Second Grade Freebies

    1. Thanks Casey~ I love my piece of earth as well. I'm hoping for big things.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Nicole~ My hubby is glad the attic is cleaned out:-)

  4. I'm having a giveaway!
    Stop by soon to enter!
    My Heart Belongs in First


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