Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Family Time at the Corn Maze

I {big, puffy heart} my family.
What I love more, is spending great, quality time with them.
We had a chance on Sunday to  put our crazy, busy lives aside, and S-L-O-W down briefly for some fun time together.
What better way than to visit one of the local corn mazes.

So grab your candy corn and enjoy the photos.

Welcome to the...

 A view of the property from the hayride.
 Ahhhh- serenity!

Hubby is trying his hand at the rubber duck race.

And the winner is...Hubby Jagger!
 (No one was really racing him because the other pump was broken. Ha!)

The football toss~

Sid takes a shot.


And then Jess gives it a whirl...

Then on to the tractor track!

And Jess is rounding the corner...

Sid at the finish line...(not really!)

 Entering the corn maze!

 Our first stop~

Strategizing over which path to take first.
We had to answer trivia questions to determine which way to go!

An old abandoned shack in the maze.
A little spooky if you ask me.
I'm glad nothing jumped out at us!
We would have created a new path in the maze~

(Christmas card quality. Don't you think so?)

Can't wait until our next family outing~

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Thanks for stopping by~

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