Monday, September 24, 2012

A First: A visit to an apple orchard

On Saturday Mr. Jaggar (aka my hubby- He is Mick's greatest fan.  However he can't move like Jaggar, but he tries.) and I went on a new adventure- apple picking.  It was a first for the both of us, so we were really not sure of what to expect.  It was 87 degrees so it felt more like a summer day than a fall day, but we couldn't resist "a first." 

The pond located between the two orchards.

The barn across the road.  I love old barns.  It brings back childhood memories.

The apple presses.  Super yummy apple cider.

I want to swing.  Don't you?

We didn't have time for the hayride today.  Maybe next year.

  Which way to the apples?

Oh this way!
Our starting point~

Mr. Jaggar's first apple.
Sporting the bushel basket.
The fruits of our labor.
The journey back.
The bagging of the apples.
Mr. Jaggar searching the shelves for a yummy jar to take home.
The search continued....
Until finally he chose this. Can't go wrong with apple butter.

I couldn't resist.


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