Saturday, July 6, 2013

Swirly Vases inspired by HGTV

I am a magazine junkie. 
(You should see my collection. All I can say it it's in the genes. You should really see my mom's stack. I mean stash. It's massive.)
My latest magazine phase is the HGTV magazine.  
I love watching the HGTV channel.(Doesn't everyone?)
Flea Market Flip being one of my favs.
 The channel and magazine are absolutely amazing and inspiring.
Those of you who follow me know I have a consignment booth in a local marketplace.  
The ideas in this magazine guide me in selecting colors, arranging pieces, and making my booth more appealing for customers.  
Last month while browsing through the magazine, I saw this easy DIY project.  
I love easy. 
I love DIY.  

These vases are unique, practical, and amazing.
I decided to give it a try.

Materials:  Misc. spray paint from the garage
clear vases from under your kitchen sink (I actually found mine free at a yard sale)
rubber bands from your junk drawer

Randomly place the rubber bands on the clear vases (or jars.) 
No planning required.

I took the vases outside to spray a light coat of paint on each of them.  
Be sure to turn them upside down to ensure you get the bottom.
Let them dry.

Remove the rubber bands once the pieces have dried completely.
Let the pieces dry COMPLETELY~ 
Then add a clear coat to seal the paint.
Add flowers.
Add candles.
Add nothing and let the pieces be the focal point.

 Arrange the pieces in a desired location.

I placed my newly created pieces in my booth neatly arranged on a table display.

 Thanks for stopping by~

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  1. I LOVE these vases! What a great idea! Thanks Cassina! :)


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