Friday, May 11, 2012

A Great Teacher Is...

It's the end of the day of a very busy week.  It's 3:35 p.m.  Students are packing up, carefully placing their beautiful laminated paper Irises, hand drawn portraits of mom, and super cute coasters with their pic decoupaged on the front in their book bags when Junie M. comes to me in hysterics.  

"Teacher, Roger said my mom looks like chicken poop. And he said I was stups."

Well, I'm caught completely off guard.  I'm not even in the right frame of mind. For the last 15 minutes the room was busy turning in unfinished work for the week, Daily 5 reflection sheets, packing items for Mother's Day, taking out trash, turning in dull pencils, completing behavior contracts for a handful of kids, and a kajillion other things.  All the things that need to be finished before we can start the weekend.  I literally felt like I was going in a hundred different directions.  So I could only ask, "Wha-a-a-t?"

Again, Junie M. repeats what Roger has said.  While attempting to get Roger's side of the story, I catch the glimpse of one of my students from the previous school year who no longer attends our school.  What was she doing here?  Had she re-enrolled? Yay, if that were the case.  Again, I'm caught off guard. Immediately I abandon the dramatic fiasco (My TA took over.) to greet Katie Bright Eyes with a big hug. She gives me a purple pastel sheet and says "Happy Teacher Appreciation Day."   "Oh, for me?" I ask.  A smile comes over her face. I begin reading the note.

Tears  are forming in my eyes. My hands begin to shake. Oh my goodness.  OMG~

Katie Bright Eyes had asked her dad to drive her across town to hand deliver this special note.  A note for me.  Her "old" teacher. I was speechless.With quivering lips and blurry eyes, I thanked her for making my week, my weekend, my year.

During this week of Teacher Appreciation, I have received an abundance of gifts, handwritten notes, flowers, hugs, and even high fives. All greatly appreciated.  However this note from Katie Bright Eyes, reminded me of why I do what I do and why I continue to stay year after year.

To teach, is to truly touch a life forever.  Thank you Katie Bright Eyes~ It was truly an honor to be your teacher.

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