Friday, June 15, 2012

Here's to DAD!

As a youngster, I called him DADDY.
And I was daddy's girl. 
To me he did no wrong. (and I still think that today.)
He could do most anything.

My dad was the first in his family to graduate from high school with a diploma. The first to receive a four year college degree. The only to receive a graduate degree.  My dad went on to change the lives of children in a rural county in North Carolina as a teacher and principal in the public school system.  My dad was smart and very determined.  He didn't grow up with a dad in his home, so therefore he was determined that his children had access to their dad.

As a child, I have many recollections of my dad.  He was dedicated to my mom, my younger brother, and myself.  He loved his family. He wanted us to have things he never had.  As well as being an educator, he took on odd jobs to make ends meet in the summer when school was closed for three months. No paycheck for three WHOLE months.   I vividly remember him taking on odd jobs of laying brick with a friend's contruction business.  We would leave early in the mornings and return late in the afternoons after a long, hard day of laying foundations on homes.  I recall him painting the exterior of homes during the hot, humid  months.  During lunch my mom, brother, and myself would take him fried bologna sandwiches or hot dogs from a local drive thru- his favorites.  He wasn't prideful of the jobs he took on in the summer because he took the role as head of the household to heart.

When my brother and I were old enough, he would take us with him to work on a friends farm harvesting tobacco.  My brother picked up leaves behind the harvestor and soon graduated to driving the tractor.  I ,on the other hand, started as well picking up stray leaves then was promoted to laying tobacco on the harvester belt with the adult ladies.  Dad was below us on the harvester cropping tobacco. At an early age my dad taught me the value of hard work and being independent.' And how to save money to buy our own school clothes at Sears.  We appreciated it more when we had to buy them.

My dad would take us on family vacations every year. He would carefully load and organize the luggage in the car.  We all jumped in and headed to the beach, the mountains, and historical landmarks. We even had the opportunity to visit Disney World and Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.  As a child, we were in paradise and my dad was "the bomb."

Now as an adult, my feeling and thoughts of my dad haven't changed or been altered by time.  Even though we only talk once in a while, it's like no time has passed when we do talk or see each other.  There's nothing he wouldn't do for me or Sid. He will drive two hours to visit, deliver a new bed, clean out my gutters, or even paint rooms in my house.  He'll call via Skype to help Sid with a homework assignment.  He's always on call and willing help in any way possible.

My dad Rocks~
He is a great role model~
And I'm lucky that he is my dad~

Here's to you DAD~
Happy Father's Day

My Mom, Me, and My Dad


On another note, today at school my kiddos created Award magnets and "shirt" stories about their dads.  I think the projects turned out great.

 I used my Cricut to cut out the ribbon awards. The students layered the pieces and created a cute magnet their dads will enjoy for years to come.

 My wonderful TA cut neckties using the Cricut  which we transformed into "Daddy Stories." With the help of sentence starters from TLC Art, the students wrote a paragraph about their dads.

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