Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mt. Airy Snap shots

Once I'm back with my new students, I'll post some classroom things.  But for now, enjoy snap shots of how I have spent some of my track out in Mt. Airy, NC. 

My hubby is from Mt. Airy, home of Andy Griffith.  So we took a drive to "Mayberry" aka Mt. Airy to....

Enjoy downtown....

Shop for your favorite candies at Opie's Candy Store

Get a ride in the squad car.

Best place for a fried pork chop sandwich.

Andy Griffith's Home place

Celebrate Charlie's first birthday.....
Charlie in his Radio Flyer

He didn't like his cake.  He made some really silly faces.

We bought Charlie a Radio Flyer for his birthday.  I thought a wagon card would be a good compliment with the gift.

Charlie is spending time with Uncle Todd.

 And get in on some action down at Bowman Gray Raceway in Winston Salem...

It was ladies night, so ladies, that's me, got in for a buck.

Even based on qualifying, I didn't know who to pull for, so I created my own criteria.  I would pull for cars with numbers that I could easily identify with such as the date of my birthday, or the year I started kindergarten, or the number of years I've been teaching.  None of "my" cars won, but it was fun to watch. 


And spend quality time with family....

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