Monday, July 30, 2012

First Day Jitters

Today I began teaching my 19th group of students.

Last night my sleep was interrupted by mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness, and some anxiety. After 18 years, I thought this would get easier. 
It should be right?
No Sirree~
I tossed.
I turned.
I got up a million times.
I checked my book bag a million and one times to ensure I had EVERYTHING I needed for the first day of school.
I laid out my clothes.
I set the alarm for 6:30 a.m.
I went down the stairs.
I went up the stairs.
My class list of students continuously ran through my mind.
Would I remember these students after only meeting them once?

Well, I didn't remember all the students names. 
But luckily they remembered mine- Ha!Ha!
As I stood in the hallway this morning, the new second graders came straight to me.
Gave me a tight hug with "Good Morning Mrs.Maynor" and walked in as if they had been in second grade for many weeks.
No Tears!
Not from a single kid~

The day progressed nicely.
Art, Recess, Lunch, and a few fun activities thrown in between dissecting the book bag of school supplies.
The day ended great. Or at least I thought so.
the phone rang.
It was the AP.
One of my students had gotten on the wrong bus.

Luckily, I knew which bus the student had gotten onto.
The bus driver safely returned my child.
She wasn't scared, crying, or upset.
She had made new friends.
Mom picked her up.
This story had a happy ending.

But what about tomorrow?
I took a few snapshots of the classroom before my students arrived. 
Keep in mind, it is a work in progress. 
Room arrangement is not a strength I have.
The view of my room from the door.

Cubbies where I keep my Daily 5 word work activities.

Because I have to track in and out of my room this year.  My class library has become mobile.

Our meeting spot.  The poly dots correspond with the colors on the student tables.  Each student knows exactly where they should sit when coming to the carpet.

My version of the clip chart.  I used the 100 count post it note set from Walmart for 88 cents and created student tags.  The other post it notes were used to create tags for the Daily 5 rotations.

Our Writing Center.  Not very colorful but very functional.  Each slot has a type of writing paper.  Glue, pencils, markers, scissors, etc. are located on the top.

My math tier station.  Large games and activities will go in the crates located on the bottom shelf.  Folder games and partner games will fit in the tubs on the second shelf.  Any reproducible sheets will be place in the top tray.

My desk~

The view from the back of the room.

I made chair pockets for my students using pillowcases from the thrift store.  Super Simple~

Guided reading group table.  Excuse all the agendas on the table. 


  1. I love that you are back!! We missed y'all, and the room looks great. :)
    Hello Mrs Sykes

  2. I always get so nervous about my kiddos getting on the wrong bus! I'm glad your little girl was okay about it.

    Your room looks great! Good luck as you start another year! :)



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