Friday, January 4, 2013

Knock, Knock! Who's There? Another Redo. A Door Makeover.

My last post was about a bar stool redo. (It has already sold in my shop, so I guess I will need to get another one. This time for me.  Fun! Fun! Fun!)

Today I want to share a door redo.  I totally love the way it turned out.  Its story goes a little like this...

On one of my trips to the Habitat for Humanity store a few months ago, I noticed a cart labeled "FREE DOORS" at the entrance.  I immediately stopped in my tracks and began looking through all the freebies.  I'm not sure why others were just bypassing the cart as if it was full cootie bugs.  But then again, I'm glad they did. Because I found a diamond in the rough. Anxiously waiting for me.

Fumbling through the assortment of doors, I noticed doors in all conditions- good, fair, and poor. (All the good ones were inside with price tags on them.) Some had what appeared to be 15 layers of paint, some had major damage with chunks missing, and then I spotted "the door."  No paint, no major damage- Absolutely perfect. It was literally begging for me to take it.  So I did.

I shy away from doors with lots of layers of paint due to having to test them for lead. No way Hosea for me. Too much work. And doors with major damage, well I'm a little creative.  I would be stretching my limits there.  So the plain brown door had potential.  Lots of potential.

I brought her home and placed her against the wall in the garage.  There she stayed for about two months. Last week I pulled her out and gave her a makeover.

I gave the door a light sanding and then painted the front and back with my favorite primer. Two coats.( Don't ever skip out on the priming. You will pay if you do with more work for yourself.)


I, then gave the door two coats of Limeade by Valspar Signature. (It's hard to see the color in the picture.) Since the paint color was light, the two coats of primer were definitely needed.  One coat would have left light and dark spots all over the door. Not good. If you notice I left the top insert paintless... for now.

Next, I sprayed the the top section with chalkboard paint to add a little twist.  I also distressed the door front and back with watered down brown acrylic paint. I totally love it.

I displayed the door in my consignment shop.

Well, the wreath I made definitely covered too much of the door.  Who would know it had a chalkboard? So I moved to wreath to a different spot in the booth and added a saying I found on Pinterest.

By the way, today is my one year blogger-versary.  I don't for one moment regret starting this little blog.  I'm hoping in the year to come, that Field of Poppies will continue to grow and be an inspiration to all who visit. Thanks for your comments, encouragement, and support.

Thanks for stopping by~


  1. Congrats on one year!! You have created such a lovely home on the Internet! :)

  2. Oh how I love that door! I wish I had your eye for an item's possibilities! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
    Second Grade Freebies

  3. Love the door! :)


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