Friday, January 25, 2013

Paper Bag Valentines

Earlier in the week, the Capital City once again was forecasted to have yet another Winter Storm.  Read about last Friday's weather threat {here}

It was a crazy, CrAzY, CRAZY day at school.  To be proactive in anticipation of the storm,yesterday,  the school system I work for decided to release school 3 hours early today. Sounds great, right? Well after the start of the school day, we received yet another memo stating that school would now be released 4 hours earlier, no longer the 3 hours mentioned the previous day.  That meant our school would be released at 11:45 a.m.

So the mad dash was on-music, math, lunch, and dismissal. Once all the kiddos were on a bus, in a car, or headed to an afterschool program of some sort, I headed home.  The drive home that usually takes less than 10 minutes, took over 30 minutes due to a thin blanket of ice on the roads.

So now I'm perched on the bed in my comfy clothes, peering out the window, listening to Roseanne in the background, and sharing with you a fun, simple valentine treat.

Materials needed:
  • paper grocery bag
  • Hershey kisses
  • sewing machine
  • sentiment stamp of choice


First, I cut out two heart shapes using my Cricut from a leftover paperbag.  You can definitely cut these out by hand. Kraft paper works well, too.

Next, I stamped a sentiment on the nonprinted side of each heart shape. An alternative to the stamp would be to write a handwritten message or sentiment.  My handwriting is not the best, so if I can find a stamp, I go with it.

Then, I sewed about 3/4 around the heart with red thread using my sewing machine.  I stuffed 3 Hershey kisses inside and finished sewing around the remaining 1/4 of the shape.

Finally, Share with a special person. (Tear to open.)

Super Easy and takes less than 5 minutes.

Another alternative would be to use decorative paper bags or scrapbook paper. The possibilities are endless. I personally love the look of the paperbag.  Be creative and have fun~

Now off to make some hot chocolate, load another episode of Rosanne, and enjoy the remaining extra time at home with my family! They're all home.

Thanks for stopping by~

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