Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Day Out...

The weather has been picture perfect.  I've been tracked out a little more than two weeks now. Trying to limit my time on "school stuff" because I know when the kids track back in next Wednesday, it will be Go, Go, Go until June 28.  So I decided to spend some time enjoying the Historic District of a neighboring town.  I love "old stuff" -the feel,the history,  and sights. Curiosity of what used to be is one of the reasons I have a concentration in History.  The stories that buildings,  benches, and even sidewalks could tell if they had actual words to say would be astounding.  Hopping into my truck, I drove to the Historic District to enjoy a few of my favorite shops. 

 Enjoy the photos (There are lots and lots of them!) and have an abundantly blessed day~ 


When WAS the last time you did something for the first time?  Hmmmmm~

Love, Love, Love Lilly's

The cozy front porch of My Girlfriends Closet

The metal flowers were made from hurricane debris.

I was tempted to drop a quarter in the slot and ride away into the sunset.

Welcome to My Girlfriend's Closet. One of the best consignment stores in the area.
The front of MGC- a remodeled house~ Love it!


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