Sunday, April 15, 2012

It's Over....and a mini scrapbook album

Today is my last day of Spring Break Track Out.
No long face~
No whining~
No tantrums for me~

For the last three weeks I have had limited exposure to school related "stuff."  I did substitute for a few days.  I always find it refreshing to visit the other local schools to see how others "live" and to get ideas that I could possibly use in my own classroom . For the last three weeks, I have not checked my school email account.  So tomorrow, when I return, I'll have a million emails to read with 3/4 needing to be purged because they won't relate to me. Then I'll spend the remainder of the day in Race to the Top workshops with some very funny track mates, so it won't be torture.

That's A-OK, because....

for the last 3 weeks I've marked off basically everything from my To-Do list, crafted til I dropped, enjoyed this marvelous spring weather, got new tires, tried a yogurt bar for the first time,  read a good book, and everything in between~ Ahhh~Life Is Good:-) 

Wednesday when the kids return, it will mark the beginning of the fourth quarter. Ten weeks until the end of the school year.  It will most likely FLY by like the first three quarters. I will definitely have to start bracing myself for the promotion of my students.  I get choked up just thinking about loosing them.  They've taught me so much and I truly love them.  They are a challenging group of students, however they make me smile... more on them in a post at a later time.

During the break, we had a visit from Todd's nephew, Charlie.  He was just shy of turning 9 months old.  It was his first visit to Uncle Todd's house. We visited Pullen Park and a couple museums downtown.  We had tons of fun.  We haven't had a baby around in ages, so we couldn't get enough of that little fellow.  To remember his first visit, I made a mini scrapbook using Elsa's YouTube Tutorial and tutorials from My Sister's Scrapper.




  1. So very cute! I'm glad you're coming back soon - it's just not the same without y'all!!

    Hello Mrs Sykes

    1. Thanks~ Ready to pull this last stretch of the year~

    2. Thanks~ Ready to pull this last stretch of the year~


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