Monday, April 2, 2012

Keep Calm And...Currently

You've seen the "Keep Calm " logos- right?  They're everywhere.  One of my favorites is "Keep Calm and Pretend this is the Lesson Plan." What teacher doesn't practice this a time or two during a school year?  I was inspired to use this as my blog post openings this week after browsing around Pinterest.  Kinda like a mini Keep Calm series. So all my posts this week will begin with... Keep Calm.

So...without delay...

Keep  Calm and...
  • Paint. For three days I painted my living room and dining room two shades of blue-Rain and Moody Blue from Sherwin Williams.  Blue has become my new "beige." The rooms are so calming and relaxing.  I needed a change of color to lift my winter blah spirits.  And it worked.  I honestly had to give myself a pat on the back because I think I did pretty well to be a nonprofessional painter. 

  • Shop For Books.  The Wake County Libraries had it's annual book sale this past weekend.  Barnes and Nobles had nothing on this sale. The warehouse at the State Fairgrounds was nothing short of an ocean of books from all genres.  On the day Todd (aka my fiancee') and I went, soft covers were a buck and hardcovers were 2 bucks. After about three hours of "plundering" through hundreds and hundreds of books.   We left with a single box of books.  We both love to read.  I'm a sucker for sappy love fiction and he loves nonfiction- especially anything related to Richard Nixon, Watergate, and the Rolling Stones.  The children's section had been so picked over, that I decided to leave the remnants for others.  Besides, our wonderful librarian went on Wednesday and loaded up on free books for our classrooms- YAY! 

  • and and out. Last Wednesday, I rolled slowly out of bed to reach for my laptop to catch up on all the updated blogs because I was WAYYYY behind from painting.  Pressing the power button to on, I clicked onto the Internet icon. NOTHING~  So I tried again- NOTHING~ and again, and again, and again.  By now I'm upset. Totally upset.   So to troubleshoot, I unplugged the modem multiple times. Still no Internet.  Desperately, I contacted my Internet provider and the lady on the other end replies, "Ma'am, your modem is offline."  "Really" was what I was thinking to myself and I needed her to tell me that- NOT. She then proceeds to tell me that a tech would need to come out, but not until the next day.  WHAT?  The next day! So I thanked the not so helpful lady, shut down my computer, and did some touch ups on the paint. No Internet today...
  • Continue to Breathe...So the Internet problem was fixed the following day.  A new router and splitter later, the Internet is as good as new.  YAY!  So I catch up on all my blogs- You all Totally Rock by the way~ So life is back on track and I'm living it up.  Then it monitor on my laptop turns a hazy purple.  This can't be good.  Then the screen goes to black, then to white.  What has just happened here? Seriously was all I could say.  Yes, my laptop, holding all my downloads, blog stuff, school stuff, EVERYTHING is on strike. Now I'm awaiting a computer tech in the neighborhood to come by to see if my computer is salvageable.  Fingers crossed everyone.  So I'm using my son's laptop.  I'm being very, very careful due to the fact that I haven't had luck with technology over the last week.
This is a new week, so I'm looking
Starting with my April "Currently..."


  1. Cassina, LOVE the blue! It looks very relaxing even from far away in Raleigh. :)

    Sorry about all of your technology troubles! Ick.

    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog

    1. Thanks Casey~ I just wish I could paint my classroom the same shades~

  2. Hi Cassina -- I'm your newest follower. So sorry to hear about your tech problems. I can't imagine being "unplugged" for a whole day. It appears that you are a newbie to blogging, as am I. We newbies have to stick together. Please stop by my little blog soon and say "Hi."

  3. Thanks for joining Field of Poppies Barb~ I'm heading over to your blog. Yes, I am a newbie. SOOOOOOOO much to learn~

  4. Best wishes :)

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