Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting my groove back...and a CAS birthday card

Today I tracked back in. I know Track 3 folks jumped for joy when they saw Track 4 roaming the hallways today. It's now their turn.  It's only fair.  I can't "hog" all the track out time.  Share the Joy~Right?

After three full weeks of waking up to my internal alarm clock , today I'm totally bushwhacked.  7:00 came mighty early this morning.  I started the day with an energetic pep in my step.  However I'm ending the day with...a drag.  On the other hand, it was great seeing all my colleagues today.

I was inspired by a card I saw in the March 2012 issue of CardMaker. So, today I would like to share this super quick CAS (clean and simple) card I made for my wonderful mother-in-law (to be.) She rocks like nobody's business.  Her birthday will be on Wednesday.  This card doesn't compare to all she does for us, however we want her to know she is loved and appreciated.

Happy Birthday Carol~
Outside of card

Inside of card



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