Saturday, October 20, 2012

Promoting Socialization and Togetherness in the Workplace

On Friday, the social committee of our school hosted a Pie-Fest.  Our committee is always brainstorming ways to bring the staff together to socialize and build camaraderie (comradery) and possibly talk about something other than "school stuff."  I'm not sure how it is in your workplace, but our lounge is hardly utilized for "lounging."  No resting here. It's usually just a quick stop to refrigerate your lunch, or heat your lunch in the microwave, or take a two second bathroom break.  I'm serious about the two seconds. You may pass someone coming or going, but hardly anyone ever sits at the table to enjoy the company of their coworkers.

The Pie-Fest was a success.  Staff members actually took a wide variety of pie samples, sat down at the tables and couches and enjoyed "non school related" conversation.  I heard conversations about football, spouses and kids going to college, and the upcoming holidays.  I actually heard laughing and saw lots of smiling faces.

Mission Accomplished.

Enjoy these photos of the various pies.  No drooling please-lol.

We had five categories: store bought, homemade, meat, veggie, and surprise.  I entered the store bought category.  I have a valid excuse.  I made the ribbons  for each category so my energies were diverted in a different direction.

The Homemade Pie Table
This pie was absolutely delicious- apple and cranberry! It got my vote.
Very creative apple and worm.  We hated to cut it.
Disappointed that it only received a third place ribbon.
Peach Cobbler
My entry- I love lemon meringue pie!
This pie won third place in the store bought category.
This store bought pecan pie deserved best presentation in its' category.
Chicken Pot Pie- This didn't last long at all.
These were the ribbons I made using my Cricut (Locker Talk and Paper Doll Dress Up.)  I personally think the ribbons turned out GREAT~
What are some activities or events that seem to be a success in your workplace in promoting motivation, socialization, and togetherness?
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  1. I'm SO glad that it went well and I HATE that I missed eating all of that pie! Love the ribbons! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
    Second Grade Freebies

  2. Mrs. Anita Pelaez of The Key Lime Pie Factory over in Asheville is an Expert when it comes to "Social Events" especially where pies are of a major concern. At times she doesn't even confer with her loving husband Kutchie over Social Events. I'm sure that Mrs. Pelaez could be of great assistance to you in on this subject.


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